Comprehensive Scope of Services

MissionBridge offers a full range of customized services to clients who have varying levels of experience and who seek advice at all stages of their philanthropy. We work with clients on specific projects as well as long term engagements to develop and manage their grantmaking and navigate their philanthropic journeys. We approach each assignment with a lens towards learning, meaningful engagement and joyful giving.


Clarify your philanthropic purpose to create focus and reflect your personal values

  • Articulate mission and goals to guide your philanthropy
  • Establish framework based on your motivations and social investment approach
  • Research landscape to understand issues and provide context for your giving
  • Determine effective grantmaking strategies in your areas of interest


Build effective structures and organizations that support your aspirations

  • Choose funding vehicles best suited to your family and goals
  • Define roles, responsibilities and decision making process
  • Train board and staff in governance and best practices
  • Coach leadership through transitions and change


Implement and manage programs that align with your priorities

  • Design meaningful philanthropic programs that utilize all your assets
  • Define funding criteria and establish grant guidelines
  • Source opportunities and conduct due diligence and site visits to assess potential grantees
  • Teach the art and craft of good grantmaking


Seek results that make a difference

  • Understand and evaluate the appropriate outcomes
  • Work in partnership with grantees to create change
  • Measure results for learning and continuous improvement
  • Collaborate and convene with other funders and nonprofit leaders to share your knowledge


Strengthen family ties and engage next generation through your philanthropy

  • Share family values and foster inter-generational relationships
  • Articulate and create a purposeful family legacy
  • Educate next gen and plan for leadership transition
  • Connect to your purpose through volunteering and hands-on experience
  • Discover the joys of learning and giving together

Effective philanthropy occurs only with clarity of purpose and strategic investing.

Engaging family in philanthropy is a powerful way to bring together generations and experience shared values.